Arizona Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Laws in Arizona

Like many other states in America, Arizona requires its drivers to carry auto insurance in the event of an accident and injury. Each state in the US that requires auto insurance typically has a minimum requirement and Arizona is no different. In Arizona, you are required by law to have $15,000 injury liability for one individual, $30,000 injury liability for two individuals and $10,000 liability protection for damage incurred to vehicles. All vehicles, including motorcycles, require insurance if they are to be driven on roads. Being caught driving without insurance can incur serious penalties, the worst of which probably being a suspension of driver’s license in Arizona.
Arizona Auto Insurance and Car Collision

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The frequency of the violations determines the amount of financial penalty and the amount of time the license is suspended for. For a first violation it’s a fine of $500 and a three month suspension, the second violation is a $750 fine and a five month suspension, and the third violation is a fine of $1,000 and suspension for an entire year. All of these would have to occur within a three year time period to incur the next penalty. In addition, the offender is required to fill out an SR22 form which increases the cost of auto insurance and requires the insurance company to inform the state within ten days of your cancellation.

You should get insurance the moment you register your vehicle in Arizona. Ownership of any vehicle requires insurance paid on it unless the vehicle is inactive. In the event that the vehicle is not in use, you can register for deinsurance which allows you to keep the vehicle but it cannot be driven while deinsured. Unfortunately, there are a large number of uninsured drivers in America. In roughly 1 in 7 accidents in America, the at-fault driver is uninsured. The number of uninsured motorists in America is actually rising and rose to 16% in 2010, compared to 12.7% in 1999. In Arizona, the number of uninsured drivers in Arizona is approximately 20%. A bill in recent years has declared that proof of insurance be carried at all times in hopes to curb the rate of uninsured motorists.


Ultimately, auto insurance is important in any state and it’s especially important in Arizona due to the penalties that can incur for not carrying it. The penalties getting caught for not carrying it will ultimately be far greater either way.