Key Tips About Auto Insurance for Pickup Trucks

Most pickup truck owners rely on their vehicles to do heavy hauling and assist in other ways to get work projects completed. Because the size and weight of pickup trucks cause them to be at higher risk of causing more damage to other vehicles in the event of an accident, insurance rates for pickup trucks tend to be a bit higher than for most passenger vehicles. In the event of a collision, insurance companies realize that a pickup truck will cause more serious damage and personal injury if the other vehicle involved is a sedan, compact car or sports car, increasing their costs to provide coverage.

Auto Insurance for Pickup TrucksIncreased Risk

Because most pickup trucks are used in some sort of work situation, there is often expensive equipment or tools stored inside the truck, which increases the risk of burglary as well as theft of the truck inself for resale of the entire vehicle or its parts. This increased risk tends to make insurance premiums higher. Damage that occurs to pickup trucks is often more expensive to repair than typical passenger vehicles, another reason why insurance rates can be affected.

Trailer Coverage

If a pickup truck owner attaches a trailer to his vehicle, insurance coverage must also be obtained for that trailer, whether it’s a horse trailer for hauling live animals, a utility trailer or a gooseneck or medium duty trailer. If the trailer isn’t covered by insurance, the driver will be liable for accident expenses out of his own pocket.

Choices to Lower Premiums

Drivers with plenty of pickup truck experience who have filed very few or no insurance claims over a period of the last 10 years can help to lower their premiums by safely reducing the amount of their deductible, what they owe out of pocket in the event of a collision. Opt to take collision coverage only rather than comprehensive insurance. Installing safety devices like airbags and passenger restraints are also looked upon favorably by insurance companies as are any type of alarm or tracking systems designed to deter theft of the vehicle.

Commercial Coverage

If you use your pickup truck for commercial purposes or have other individuals such as employees drive it, check with your insurance agent about getting the proper pickup truck coverage. For the most comprehensive coverage to protect you in the event your truck collides with another vehicle or they slam into yours, be certain that your pickup truck insurance includes bodily injury coverage that pays for medical expenses incurred by others you injure with your truck, property damage coverage that pays for repairing or replacing property damaged by your truck, comprehensive coverage that pays for any damages to your truck in an accident situation, collision covers that pays for your losses in the event your pickup is stolen, vandalized or damaged by fire, and ¬†uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which protects you by paying for damages to your truck if the other driver has little or no insurance. Especially if a pickup truck is used for business as well as personal purposes, it’s essential to have the right amount of insurance coverage to protect you and your business assets against lawsuits in the event you are in an accident, whether or not it is your fault.

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