Can I Have Car Insurance From Another State?

Driving in Another State and Car Insurance

Every state in the country has its own specific policy regarding minimum requirements for automobile insurance in order to drive legally in that state. But what if a driver has auto insurance in one state but has an accident in another? If a driver decides to move to another state, does their automobile insurance automatically cover them in their new state of residence? Is it even legal to have auto insurance in a different state than the one the … [Read more...]

Extensive Service Signature of MAPFRE North America

Good Drivers and MAPFRE's MIC Preferred Auto Program

Founded in 1972, Mapre Auto Insurance is located in Webster, Massachusetts. The MAPFRE North America Group ranks 18th among the largest automobile insurance providers in the U.S., with direct premiums written for almost 1.5 million policies, representing a 0.89 market share in the automotive insurance industry. MAPFRE markets auto insurance products via a network of more than 4,000 agents working in Arizona, California, Oregon, Indiana, Idaho, … [Read more...]

Getting An Phoenix Auto Insurance Quote

Finding the best auto insurance should be important to any modern day driver. Many people leap at the first opportunity they see to get auto insurance, instead of shopping around. Luckily, you can find affordable auto insurance quotes from reputable companies by using our website. … [Read more...]